Where Will Files I Download Be Saved?

Current Systems Defaults

When you click on a file to download it, that file will automatically download to the Downloads folder on your computer (unless you have changed your browser's default setting for where your browser places file downloads). If you have not changed your browser's default settings for file downloads, when you click on a Download link, your browser will save the download to the Downloads folder on your system and leave it for you to move that file from the Downloads folder to wherever on your system, or any other media, where you want the file to reside. You can also rename it, if you wish.

Cautionary NOTE. The Downloads folder on desktops and laptops is typically on what is historically referred to as your internal "C" drive. If the drive where the Downloads folder is located is almost full, the download could fail if there is not enough room for the file to be saved. In such a case, one solution is to change the default drive for where your Browser saves downloaded files. That would direct your Browser to another drive on your system with more available storage space to save the file download.

Thus, when you click on a selected file to download it, you will not get any dialogue about where to save it. Instead, the file you selected will automatically be downloaded to and saved in your Downloads folder on your "C" drive. There are slight variations among browsers. Here are examples of three:

  1. The current Firefox browser default setting is to automatically save the file to the Downloads folder on your computer using the same name of file as on the server. In this case the file name will be The Crucifixion.

  2. The current Edge browser does the same, automatically saving the file to the Downloads folder on your computer with the server's file name, which will be The Crucifixion.

  3. The current Safari browser for the Iphone (and Ipad) is slightly different. It gives you the choice whether you want to "view" or download. (The term "view" in this case, since it is a sound audio file, presumably means listen to the file.) When you select download, Safari also automatically saves the file to the Downloads folder on your Iphone (Ipad) with the name from the server, which will be The Crucifixion.

How to Change the Default Location for Your Download Folder

NOTE. You can change the location of where a file download is saved to another folder/drive. (In some browsers the options for changing where downloads are saved may be under advance settings.) You can:

  1. Change the default download folder/drive to any of you choosing, or
  2. You can change the default to require your browser always give you the option on each download to specify where you want that downloaded file saved on your system, which might include allowing you to also change the save as file name.

NOTE. While browsers keep changing their layout of how to change Settings/Preferences, much of their general approach within different layouts continues to be approximately the same. The following article is provided as a reference for how you can make these changes within different browsers. See How to Change Default Downloads Folder in Browsers? However, you may need to exercise some creative thinking to locate the functionality they are referencing, because of changes that may occur in browser Settings/Preferences layouts.

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