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Thank you for your interest in accessing TortoiseClimbing™'s online stores!

  1. The Online Audio Store can be accessed at TortoiseClimbing Audio™ Online.
  2. The 1st release, The Crucifixion, is Free. Click to access The Crucifixion order page;
  3. Other recordings, including Hymns and Songs of My Mother, plus bundles, will be added to the Online Audio Store late this fall;
  4. Access to the Online Publications Store (for obtaining copies of publications without an accompanying audio recording) will be added to this webpage later!)

Audio Products

The online Audio store enables you to order existing, and pre-order forthcoming products. (Some of those offers will be bundles of products, such as the eBook together with audio recording.) Credit cards will be accepted.

(Note. It does not appear possible to provide eBooks by themselves from the Audio Store. Thus, we will use a different Online Publications Store to provide standalone publications without an accompanying audio recording.)

This page enables you to go directly to the online Audio Store by clicking here for the Online Audio STORE.

What you'll find in the Audio Store

Immediate - Now

Free Album - From David's distant past, a historic, mostly choral version of the 1959 performance of The Crucifixion (41 minutes) by Annapolis High School choirs. This version uses 3 choirs. The standard mixed choral numbers are sung by the mixed choir. The 2 women's choirs sing the majority of what are commonly solo recitatives and arias. The result is a very interestingly more choral interpretation of this classic Holy Week (the week before Easter) piece. Members of the mixed choir (including David) sang a limited number of short recitatives from the choir.

This version was created by TortoiseClimbing Audio™ by mastering and restoring the monophonic LP made from the historic nostalgic, amateur audio recordings of the two 1959 performances. (Lyrics are included as a Bonus.)

Playlist for this 1959 AHS performance of The Crucifixion is available at Playlist.

Details about history of this recording are found at Background on Historic 1959 Performances by Annapolis High School choirs.

Imminent - Late this summer


"And So It Goes" Downloadable audio file of a multi-part trio harmony version of this hauntingly lovely ©1989 (3:58 minutes) song by Billy Joel. It's simple accompaniment emphasizes the harmonies. (A solo version will be available next year on Nostalgic Solos.)

"God Is My Shepherd" Downloadable audio file of a baritone solo version of this lovely 4th song from Antonín Dvořák's 1894 public domain 10 Biblical Songs. Its simple piano accompaniment emphasizes the simple beauty of this setting of the 23 Pslam, better know as "The Lord Is My Shepherd."


Hymns and Songs of My Mother.

2 versions of the Playlist (simple and annotated) are available for the 26 Hymns and Songs:

The annotated playlist includes selected audio samples you can listen to by streaming them in your browser. (Audio samples will also be available for streaming preview in the Online Audio Store.)

Forthcoming - Fall 2023.


History Through 26 Hymns and Songs. (eBook companion to hymns and songs recording. This extensive history eBook tells the events that happened around each of the hymns and songs, thus shaping their creation. This eBook will be available from two sources:

Audio books

Advance Podcasts. Upon release of the eBook, History Through 26 Hymns and Songs (fall in 2023), we will begin releasing advanced podcasts of the 26 chapters and 2 of the appendices. These will be available for download as digital audio files through the Online Audio Store, both via a subscription, and as individual podcasts. (For those who subscribe to the podcast series, the completed audiobook will be included free when completed.)

Audiobook. The audiobook will also become available for purchase and download (later 2024).

Publications Products

NOTE. It appears purchase of eBooks by themselves, i.e., not bundled with an audio product, will have to be provided via a separate online store. If so, the Online Publications Store will also be made accessible from this Publications' section of this Store Access page. A possible site is eBay. Details to follow.

Forthcoming - Late 2023.

History Through 26 Hymns and Songs. (eBook companion to hymns and songs album. This is an extensive history eBook of the events that occurred around when each of the hymns and songs were written, thus shaping creation of the hymns and songs.

Music Products

The Online Audio Store is accessible here by clicking on Online Audio Store.

(A pre-order capability will be added to the online audio store, and credit cards will be accepted.)

Products for order or pre-order include:


The Crucifixion. Free digital download of the first time mastered and restored audio file from the historic, monophonic, nostalgic, amateur recording by 1959 Annapolis High School choirs. The digital download is available for free.

(Note. For this recording, we are investigating the possibility of adding an option to order an "at cost" CD to be individually burned for mail delivery. If implemented, this option will be a hand labled CD, i.e., a plain CD, and will be created on demand for mailing. At this point the estimated "at cost" is ~$3.50, including mailing. The CD would have individual tracks for each of Stainer's 15 numbers within the piece, giving you the ability to skip to each on demand.)

Imminent - Late Summer

The song "And So It Goes". A small ensemble, multi-part harmony version of this ©1993 song by Billy Joel will be available as an individual song for downloading and streaming.

The song "God Is My Shepherd". A solo with piano of this 1894 song by Antonín Dvořák will be available as an individual song for downloading and streaming.

The long album, Hymns and Songs of My Mother:

  1. Selected hymns will be available later this summer with a pre-order capability for the entire digital audio file download. Entire album will be released late this summer for download, also with streaming capability.

  2. Later this year (2023), or early next year, a CD will become available for order, to be mailed to you.

Forthcoming Companion Products - Beginning in Fall 2023

  1. eBook History Through 26 Hymns and Songs (late 2023). This forthcoming, very expansive eBook, companion to the album, Hymns and Songs of My Mother, will become available for purchase and download later in 2023. It will be offered in the Audio Store as an optional discounted bundle purchased together with the album. (For copies of just the eBook, we will need to set up a separate online publications store to sell the eBook separately from the audio album.)

  2. Advance Podcasts (Late 2023) Shortly after the eBook becomes available, podcast chapters from the eBook will start being offered both as:
    1. A subscription series, culminating in a complete audiobook in late 2024; (the audiobook will be free to subscribers to the podcast series), and
    2. As individual podcasts.

  3. Audiobook (Later 2024) For those who chose not to subscribe to the Advance Podcast series, the audiobook will become available for purchase as a digital download.


We will provide more details later about purchase of standalone publications, possibly via eBay.

Detailed Information About These Projects

For those curious, numerous pages on this website under Recordings and Publications provide lots of background information about these TortoiseClimbing™ projects. Read at your leisure!

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