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This Store Access on TortoiseClimbing™'s website provides easy links to online product pages. Currently this is for the Online Audio Store. In the future, links will be added for the Online Publications' Store. Credit cards will be accepted.

(Note. If you only want an eBook by itself [not bundled with an audio product], you will be required to use the separate online Publications store. See section below about the Publication store.)

Online Audio Store - Operational

This includes albums (digital and CD), songs, podcasts, and audiobooks. The online audio store will also offer bundles, with combinations of audio products, as well as eBooks bundled with audio recording(s). It enables placing orders for existing, and pre-ordering forthcoming products.

Audio Index Page for Current and Forthcoming Products

TEMPORARY NOTE - The Audio store's Index/Home page currently defaults to the single public product page for The Crucifixion.

Shortly, the vocal version of the album Hymns and Songs of My Mother, and several individual songs will also become public in the Online Audio store. So, the Audio store's Index/Home products page will begin showing, as well as each of the multiple product offering pages.

To browse the index page for products in the Online Audio Store, click here for the Online Audio Store - Index Page.

Summaries about Individual Products

Now Live

The Crucifixion

- FREE - To access online product page, click here for The Crucifixion.

Digital Download - This is a historic, amateur, monaural recording from David's distant past of the unusual, mostly choral 1959, 41 minute performance of this work by Annapolis High School choirs. This performance is a distinctively different interpretation acheived using 3 choirs:

(Note. The sound fidelity is limited by the late 1950's consumer quality tape recorder used.) This mastered and restored digital version was created from the 1959 monaural LP, private release of this historic, nostalgic, amateur audio recordings of the two 1959 performances. (Lyrics are included as a Bonus.)

CD - We are investigating the possibility of adding an option for an "at cost" CD of this number. It would be individually burned on demand for mail delivery. If implemented, this option will be a hand-labled CD, i.e., a plain CD. At this point the estimated "at cost" price is ~$3.50, including mailing. The plan is for such a CD to have individual tracks for each of Stainer's 15 numbers within the piece, thus giving you the ability to skip to each piece on demand.

Playlist for this 1959 AHS performance of The Crucifixion is available at Playlist.

For those interested, details about history of making this recording are found at Background on Historic 1959 Performances by Annapolis High School choirs.

Forthcoming in Audio Store - Spring 2024 (The following products will shortly become available in the Online Audio store).



Hymns and Songs of My Mother

To access the online store product page, click here for Hymns and Songs of My Mother. SOON TO BE ACTIVITATED

This is a very long, magnificant (almost 78 minutes) collection of 27 nostalgic, mostly traditional, dominantly public domain hymns and songs. It features David Goettee in combinations of solos and vocal harmonies, with a number of different accompaniments. The album is magnificanltly supported by outstanding vocalists and musicians, with orchestra, percussion, real pipe organ, piano, Celtic harp and Shuttle pipe, and handbells that make these hymns and songs shine!

Playlists for the 27 Hymns and Songs on the album are available in both simple and annotated versions:

Schedule for releases of several versions of this album:

  1. The 1st version for release is the standard vocal performance version (late Spring 2024);
  2. The 2nd and 3rd versions are for use as minus 1, custom professional, backing tracks for use in church (later this Summer 2024). These will also be availalble both as digital downloads and CDs:
  3. An easy listening version with no vocals (later this year - 2024).

Individual Songs

 (Options are being investigated for grouping these songs with other songs into an EP or album later.)

"And So It Goes"

(When released), to access song product page, click here for And So It Goes.

Downloadable digital audio file of a multi-part trio harmony version of this hauntingly lovely ©1989 (3:58 minutes) song by Billy Joel. It's simple accompaniment emphasizes the harmonies.

(A solo version will become available later on the album Nostalgic Solos.)

"I Am the Starlight"

(When released), to access song product page, click here for I Am the Starlight.

Downloadable digital audio file for the baritone and tenor duet of this dramatic motivational song from the musical Starlight Express by Andrew Lloyd Weber ©1984. Its dramatic synthesizer orchestra, bass guitar and piano successfully capture the drama of this large, production number, much like the original stage production.

"The Rose"

(When released), to access song product page, click here for The Rose.

Downloadable digital audio file of this hauntingly lovely ©1979 (2:50 minutes) song by Amanda McBroom. This is a more informal version using guitar as the primary accompaniment. It was recorded with friends from the former singing group "Sentimental Journey."

eBook (NOT Yet Available)

Working title - History Through 27 Hymns and Songs. This ebook is the companion to hymns and songs recording. This extensive history eBook tells the events that happened around each of the hymns and songs, thus shaping their creation. (It is currently in editing.)

[This will be available both as part of a bundle with the album from the Audio store, and separately as a standalone eBook from the Publication store.]


Advance Podcasts. Upon release of the eBook, History Through 27 Hymns and Songs (2024), we will begin releasing advanced podcasts of the 27 chapters and at least 2 of the appendices. They will be made available in 2 forms:


Audiobook. For those who choose not to subscribe to the podcast series, the audiobook will become available for purchase and download (later 2024) in the Audio store. [A link to product page in the Audio store will be added when available.]

Publications Store - (Pending, Not yet online).

NOTE. For those who want to purchase and download just a copy of the eBook by itself, i.e., Not bundled with an audio product, that capability will be provided via the Publication store. (Details will be added here when this capability goes live.)

Forthcoming - 2024.

Working title - History Through 27 Hymns and Songs. (eBook pdf, companion to hymns and songs album. This is an extensive history eBook of the events that occurred around when each of the hymns and songs were written, thus shaping creation of the hymns and songs. [A link to product pages in the Publication store will be provided when this history eBook becomes available.]

Additional Information About These Projects Available On Website

For those curious about details regarding these projects, numerous pages under Recordings and Publications provide lots of background information about these TortoiseClimbing™ projects. Read at your leisure!

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