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This is an overview of publications in process, or planned, as companions to their respective recordings from TortoiseClimbing™, and their current status.

History Through 26 Hymns and Songs

This is an extensive book length publication providing historical events surrounding when the hymns and songs were written, thus influencing content of each of the hymns and songs included on the companion recording of Hymns and Songs for Living. A working draft of this publication went to the new editor in early 2022. Since then we have developed several ideas for revisions to the text, which is ongoing. Release of this is now projected for 2023.

Audio book of History Through 26 Hymns and Songs

Details of this will appear under the Recordings section when work on that gets underway. Projected for 2023.

Kathy's Songs

It is unclear at this point whether Kathy wants her other songs recorded. If not, there will not be a companion book.

Notes on Annapolis High School Oratorio

Initial historical notes I recall have been placed in the Recording section of this website describing the Annapolis High School (AHS) 1959 performance of The Crucifixion. Hopefully others who were involved in the classes who participated in that production of John Stainer's oritorio The Crucifixion in 1959 will provide additional notes for expansion of that history. This is not currently envisioned as a standalone publication separate from the website.

Nostalgic Solos Book

This is envisioned as the next publication by TortoiseClimbing™ as the companion to the planned update and public re-release of the companion recording.

Romantic Duets Book

Timing for both this publication and its companion recording by TortoiseClimbing™ is unknown, since it is envisioned to accompany recorded materials that are only in draft form.

The Crucifixion

Summary details about the librettist for and composer of The Crucifixion, and how it came to be modeled after J.S.Bach's St. Matthew's Passion, are provided under Recordings on the webpage AHS Choirs' Recording. No separate publication is currently envisioned.


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