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This is an overview of publications in process, or planned, as companions to their respective recordings from TortoiseClimbing™, and their current status.

History Through 26 Hymns and Songs

This extensive history is the companion to the album Hymns and Songs for Living. It provides extensive footnoted, historical events around the times each of the hymns and songs were written, as well as the history of the hymn. The goal is to provide readers insights into the influences the historical events had on each of the hymns and songs on the companion recording.

It will be offered as an optional discounted package with its companion recording. See Hymns and Songs for Living.

Audiobook of History Through 26 Hymns and Songs

This is an audio recording of the publication, History Through 26 Hymns and Songs. Thus, details for this are under the Recordings section.

Podcast chapters will be offered in advance of the audiobook, which will begin being offered shortly after completion of the eBook, targeted for winter 2023/24. Availability of completed audiobook projected for later 2024.

Kathy's Songs

It is unclear at this point whether Kathy wants her other songs recorded. If not, there will not be a companion book.

Notes about Historic 1959 Annapolis High School (AHS) Recording of The Crucifixion

Instead of a standalone publication separate from the mastered and restored audio file created from the 1959 recording, discussion materials about the creation of that recording are found on this website. I encourage others involved in, or knowledgeable about, the 3 choirs from the 3 Annapolis High School graduating classes of 1959, 1960 and 1961 who participated in the 2 historic 1959 Annapolis High School (AHS) performances of John Stainer's The Crucifixion, to provide any additional information for inclusion in an expanded set of documentation. I will happily incorporate all additional information and make available on this website.

The mastered and restored digital audio file created from the 1959 AHS recording is available both from this website as a free download, and from the Online store at Bandcamp. TortoiseClimbing Audio™ can offer this recording free because the score became Public Domain the beginning of January 2023.

Hopefully those involved will hear about this Free download of the 1st ever mastered and restored digital audio file from the record of those historic performances. (Notices were sent to the Annapolis news letter (Naptown Scoop) and the Capital Gazette.) The online documentation page solicits all such persons to provide any additional notes they can to expand that history.

If you know any of the persons involved with those choirs, please advise them of this project and that they are encouraged to contribute information via the Contact/Comments page to TortoiseClimbing™ to augment the online summary history!!

Online summary documentation about the historic 1959 AHS performances of The Crucifixion is found in the Recording section of this website at Background on Historic 1959 Performances.

Note. Online materials include summary details of both the librettist and composer of The Crucifixion, plus how Stainer came to model his The Crucifixion, after J.S.Bach's St. Matthew's Passion.

Nostalgic Solos Book

This is envisioned as the next history, organized around the songs as the companion to the planned updated and public re-release of the recording.

Romantic Duets Book

Timing for both this publication and its companion recording by TortoiseClimbing™ is unknown, since it is envisioned to accompany recorded materials that are only in draft form.


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