Overview of Tortoise Climbing Publications


This is an overview of the list of publications in process, or planned, to accompany their respective recordings from Tortoise Climbing, and their current status.

History Through 26 Hymns and Songs

This is a book length publication of History Stories for each of the hymns and songs on the companion recording of Hymns and Songs for Living. The draft final of this publication was sent to the new copy editor at the 1st of the new year, 2022. It is anticipated progress to a final version will progress rapidly.

Nostalgic Solos Book

This is envisioned as the next publication by Tortoise Climbing as the companion to the planned update and release of this recording for the public.

Romantic Duets Book

Timing for both this publication and its accompanying recording by Tortoise Climbing is unknown, since it is envisioned to accompany recording materials that are only in draft form.


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