Hymns and Songs of My Mother:
Phase I - 1998 to 2004

NOTE. Selections from this album are currently available online from this website at Annotated Playlist. Online release of selections from the online store at Bandcamp is targeted to go live Spring 2024, with the full album targeted for release late-Spring 2024. When selections go live from the online store at Bandcamp, the opportunity to pre-order will also be provided via Bandcamp's online store. Easy access to the online store is provided via TortoiseClimbing™'s Store access page.

Phase I provides history and credits for those who participated during the Phase I efforts in creation of this album.

Note. Target for completion of the extensive companion publication, History Through 27 Hymns and Songs eBook is 2024. The plan is to initially make the record album available alone, earlier in 2024. When the extensive eBook becomes available later this year it will be offered both with the album as a discounted bundle, and individually.

Overview of Work Completed during Phase I: 1998 - 2004

Draft recordings of the entire album was completed during Phase I (except for the new arrangement for "Welcome Home"). This included:

Biographical credits for each of the artists involved during Phase I are accessible by instrument played, via the dropdown submenu above left. Click on the appropriate instrument category link and the dropdown submenu on that webpage will give you access to individual information about each of the artists who played in that category of instrument describing their contributions to this album.

Technical Recording Process Note

The Phase I work on Hymns and Songs of My Mother  was recorded before wide commercial prevalence of digital tools, now widely used. The technical recording medium used for Phase I of this album in Studio B at Bias Recording Studio in Springfield, Virginia was:

NOTE. With the strong resurgence in analogue recording and production of vinyl records, Dolby SR is again more in use in recording studios with 2 inch 24 track analogue tape. Dolby SR's tape noise reduction capabilities are considered very close to what is achieved in digital recording. (However, you don't get access to the digital editing capabilities for mixing and mastering.)

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