Hymns and Songs for Living:
Phase II – 2019 to 2022

Resumption of Studio Work

Phase II is the second of two distinct phases in production of Hymns and Songs for Living. The extended pause from studio work (about 2004 - 2019) took place between Phase I and Phase II. That pause of studio work followed several years after the death of David's mom, and was driven by many competing things in the lives of both David and Ms. Heidi Gerber-Salins, Producer for Phase I.

However, other important activities continued to be carried out during that extended period. David continued analyzing the draft audio files from Phase I creating multiple revisions of his critical analyzes of the Phase I draft materials for discussions. Ms. Heidi Gerber-Salins remained available for brainstorming sessions on options for improvements. That resulted in refined notes to guide future actions to sonically improve the Phase I drafts.

Examples of improvements identified, included:

Those notes provided valuable guidance for resumption of Phase II studio work.

Actions in Phase II

David assumed the role of Producer for Phase II, working from the extensive notes developed with Ms. Gerber-Salins during the long pause between studio work.

Mr. Bill McElroy became the Associate Producer, recording, and mastering engineer. In his role as Associate Producer, Mr. Bill McElroy:

Ms. Heidi Gerber-Salins of All Access Audio of Silver Spring, MD, offered to made time available from her teaching schedule to provide assistance with post production audio processing. Unfortunately a car crash cut short how much she was able to accomplish. In order to move the project forward, after her crash, David obtained audio editing software, learned how to use it and performed the rest of the post production audio processing.

All other work on revisions to finalize this recording were performed by Mr. Bill McElroy of Slipped DISC of Ashland, VA. That included:

Technical Notes

For phase II, the previously recorded analogue tracks with Dolby SR noise reduction on the 2-inch, 24 track master tapes were converted by Bias Recording Studio to digital format at 24 bits at a sampling rate of 88.2 khz.


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