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The Crucifixion

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There are 20 major titled numbers in The Crucifixion. Those are composed of:

Since the Annapolis High School choirs' 1959 production was a performance, not a chruch service, the 5 congregational hymns included by Stainer for participation by chruch congregations as part of a chruch service in performances of this work for passion week services were omitted from the AHS performances.

In the list of the remaining 15 numbers, Stainer's originally intended performer of each part are shown first. (In the final version of this playlist, that will be followed by who performed that number in the AHS production.)

Robert F Kunkle, Choral Director

Marilyn Riecke, Organist

Student soloists from the choirs

Invertigate whether I can give an explanation for the order of the soloists, e.g., are they by order of first appearence??? (That should become clear when we perform the mastering. --Going on the assumption this list is by order of appearence, TortoiseClimbingAudio will assign these names to the individual solos they sang in the playlist below.) Information is not available to differentiate which of the 2 women's choirs sang which recitative.

Student Soloists

Play Order


   Credits for Artists

Play Length


And They Came to a Place Named Gethsemane

Tenor recitative

(text from Mark 14:32)



The Agony

"Could Ye Not Watch with Me" - Bass solo

"Jesus, Lord Jesus, bowed in bitter anguish" - Mixed chorus

"Could Ye Not Watch with Me" - Bass solo

"Jesus, Lord Jesus, bowed in bitter anguish" - Mixed chorus

"Could Ye Not Watch with Me" - Bass solo

"And they laid their hands on him and took him" - Tenor solo

"Art thou the Christ" - Bass from choir

"Jesus saith" - Tenor solo

"I am, and ye shall see the Son of man" - Bass solo

"Then the high priest rent his clothes" - Tenor solo

"What need we any further witnesses" - Bass, from the choir

"And they all condemed him" - Tenor solo

(Sources include texts from Mark 14:46, 53, 60, 61–64, 15:1, 15–16)



Processional to Calvary

Organ solo

"Fling Wide the Gates" - Mixed chorus

"How sweet is the grace" - Tenor solo

"Then on to the end" - Mixed chorus



And When They Were Come

Bass recitative

(text from Luke 23:33)



The Mystery of the Divine Humiliation

(????????????Hymn - Omitted)



He Made Himself of No Reputation

Bass recitative

(text from Philippians 2:7–8)



The Majesty of the Divine Humiliation

Tenor solo



And As Moses Lifted Up the Serpent

Bass recitative

(text from John 3:14–15)



God So Loved the World

Mixed chorus

(text from John 3:16–17)



Litany of the Passion

(????????????Hymn - Omitted)



Jesus Said, 'Father, Forgive Them'

"Jesus saith" - Tenor solo

"Father forgive them" - Unison tenor and basses of choir

(text from Luke 23:34)



So Thou Liftest Thy Divine Petition

Tenor and bass duet



The Mystery of the Intercession

(??????????????Hymn - Omitted)



And One of the Malefactors

Bass narator, from the choir

"If thou be the Christ" - Another bass, from the choir

Bass narator, from the choir

"Dost thou not fear" - Another bass, from the choir

Bass narator, from the choir

"Lord remember me" The other bass, from the choir

Bass narator, from the choir

"Verily I say to you" - Males, from the choir

(text from Luke 23:39–43)



The Adoration of the Crucified

(??????????Hymn - Omitted)



When Jesus Therefore, Saw His Mother

Tenor solo

"Woman behold thy son" - males, from the choir

Tenor solo

"Behold thy mother" – males, from the choir

"There was darkness over the earth" - Bass solo

"My God, My God" - males, from the choir

(text from John 19:26–27, Matthew 27:45, Mark 15:34)



Is It Nothing to You?

Bass solo

(text from Lamentations 1:12)



The Appeal of the Crucified

"From the throne of his cross" - Mixed chorus



After This, Jesus Knowing That All Things Were Now Accomplished

Tenor solo

"I thirst" - males, from the choir

Tenor solo

"It is finished" - males, from the choir

Tenor solo

(text from John 19:28, 30, Luke 23:46)



For the Love of Jesus

(????????Hymn - Omitted)



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