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Beginning in January 2023 this will be the page from which you will be able to download your copy of a digital audio file of the mastered recording of the 1959 performance of The Crucifixion by the Annapolis High School (AHS) combined choirs. (Those choirs had members from the classes of 1959, 1960 and 1961.)

The digital audio files from the digitally mastered recording will be made available beginning of 2023 when the score becomes public domain. It has been more than sixty years since the recording was made. This will be the first time a mastered version of the recording from those performances has existed.

The digitally mastered version will finally sound like the recording conceived of by Mr. Kunkle (the choral director) and those who assisted him in creating this recording.

Progress notices, and final Notice of availability beginning of 2023, are posted on the home page to apprise you of progress toward the mastered audio files becoming available for download.

Planned Process for Downloading Your Copy

The process envisioned for obtaining your choice of an audio file download of the mastered recording will consist of 2 simple steps:

  1. The initial step in the process will be to fill out and submit a simple form providing identifying information. (No information you provide will be shared with anyone!) That form will be placed here on this webpage;
  2. The second step in the process is that when you successfuly submit the identification form, it will automatically transfer you to the 2nd page of this process. That page will contain buttons for each of the different digital audio file formats you can choose to download. Click on the prefered audio file format you wish to download as a digital audio file of the mastered The Crucifixion.

(Those pages for the 2-step process will be developed and tested prior to January 2023. The beginning of January 2023 they will be posted here when the score for the The Crucifixion becomes public domain in the U.S.)

After they are posted for public access, when you click on your selected audio file format, that file will download to the Downloads folder on your computer (unless you have changed your browser's default setting for where your browser places file downloads). If you have not changed your browser's default settings for file downloads, your browser will save the download to the Downloads folder on your system and leave it for you to move that file from the Downloads folder to wherever on your system, or any other media, where you want the file to reside. You can also rename it, if you wish.

Cautionary NOTE. The Downloads folder on desktops and laptops is typically on your internal "C" drive. If your "C" drive is almost full, the download could fail if there is not enough room for the audio file. In such a case, one solution is to change the download default for where your Browser saves downloaded files. That would direct your Browser to another drive on your system with more available storage space to save the file download.

(See explanation in the below window of how to change default download location.)

NOTE. It appears the default location adopted by all browsers for where they save a downloaded file has become the Downloads folder on your computer's "C" drive. Thus, unless you have changed the default settings of your browser for where it saves downloaded files, your browser now automatically saves downloaded files in your Downloads folder.

Thus, when you click on one of the different digital audio file format buttons on this page to download a digital file of the mastered AHS 1959 choirs' recording of The Crucifixion, you will not get any dialogue about where to save it. Instead, the file format you selected will automatically be downloaded to and saved in your Downloads folder on your "C" drive. There are slight variations among browsers. Here are examples of three:

  1. The current Firefox browser default setting is to automatically save the file to the Downloads folder on your computer using the same name of file as on the server. In this case the file name will be The Crucifixion.

  2. The current Edge browser does the same, automatically saving the file to the Downloads folder on your computer with the server's file name, which will be The Crucifixion.

  3. The current Safari browser for the Iphone (and Ipad) is slightly different. It gives you the choice whether you want to "view" or download. (The term "view" in this case, since it is a sound audio file, presumably means listen to the file.) When you select download, Safari also automatically saves the file to the Downloads folder on your Iphone (Ipad) with the name from the server, which will be The Crucifixion.

NOTE. You can change the location of where a file download is saved to another folder/drive. (In some browsers the options for changing where downloads are saved may be under advance settings.) You can:

-- End of Window for how to change download default of your browser. --

Form for Future download will be here.

The 2 step process envisioned for obtaining a download of the mastered recording is the following:

First. A simple form will ask you for some easy pieces of information. The form will consist of something like the following:

  1. Basic Identification - To understand who is interested in this recording, some basic information will be requested, such as:

  2. CAPTCHA Code - Required. To prevent internet robots (bots) from submitting requests for downloads, the identification form will present an image of a CAPTCHA code and ask you to input what you see.

Second. After you successfully submit the simple information form, you will automatically be transferred to a second page containing the buttons representing the choices of audio file formats available for download. Click on the button for the audio file format your wish to download.

Choosing File Format to Download

If you are not familar with these digital audio file formats, a background summary about them and recommendations are provided on a companion page Choosing Digital Audio File Format.

As noted above, preliminary thoughts are to make the mastered recording available in FLAC, ALAC(?), AAC and MP3 audio file formats. Thus, 3 known different download buttons (and possibly a 4th) that might look something like the following will be included on the second page of this download process. Click on the button for the audio file format you wish to download:

Lossless and larger digital audio file formats - Best audio quality

  FLAC - Not Apple
24 bit, 88.2 Mhz

ALAC(??) - Apple
 24 bit, 48 Mhz

Lossy audio file formats - Smaller file size, but less audio quality

  AAC - All
16 bit, 44.1 Mhz

  MP3 - All
16 bit, 44.1 Mhz

   - poorest audio quality

Clicking on one of these buttons will download that selected digitally mastered audio file of the 1959 AHS choirs' recording of The Crucifixion to the Downloads folder on your computer (unless you've changed your Browser's download location.)


There are additional requirements associated with collecting the mailing information for the CD, accepting payment for the costs of the ordering process, communicating that information about the requirement to create a simplistic CD, and mail it. It is necessary to find a way to handle those up front processes.

The concept being researched is for this webpage to link to an online store that will enable you to place your order for the CD, provide your mailing information, and accept your payment for the costs. Possible options include:

It is envisioned there will likely only be a very low volume of demand for a CD version. Thus, the additional cost of traditional CD replication of a large number of CDs likely does not make much sense. Instead, one by one replication may make more sense. However, that process will produce an absolutely plain CD disc, mailed in a plain CD envelop, which will not have visual appeal. So, how best to handle providing a CD at cost is still being researched.

NOTE. Implemening procedures for providing a CD, thus may be delayed beyond when the digital audio files initially become available the beginning of January 2023 for download.


During the interium, pending beginning of providing the mastered AHS choirs' 1959 performance of The Crucifixion, presumably in the 4 digital audio file formats for free download the beginning of 2023, this page provides a demonatration of another HTML5 audio control for streaming. Currently it plays an interim draft of an MP3 file.

This Audio control provides a way to present a streaming audio file from this webpage.

In contrast, the above discussed file download of the mastered recording is a non-interactive batch file download function to your computer's Downloads folder. In contrast, the streaming audio player control allows you to interactively start and stop the streaming of play, and adjust the sound level for playing the song.

The audio control below plays a draft of the closing number from the Hymns and Songs for Living album being finalized by TortoiseClimbingAudio.

(This example draft of "God Be with You Till We Meet Again" will be replaced with the final mix in OGG as the primary format, with MP3 as the fallback, when it becomes available. The difference likely will be minimal.)

Listen to draft of "God Be With You Till We Meet Again":

When the mastered version of AHS choirs' 1959 The Crucifixion becomes available, audio controls for selected pieces from it will be added here.

If you wish to comment on contents of this webpage, Clicking the button below will both transfer you to the Contact/Comment page, and pass along that you were on this webpage when you decided to comment.

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