Beginning of TortoiseClimbing

TortoiseClimbing™ was created in 1992 as part of David's private release of the 1st album, Solo Collection. The original goals were to produce:

  1. Nice albums, for
  2. Private release for friends and family.

That meant TortoiseClimbing™ was created after:

Earlier experiences included:

Thus, in 1991 David undertook recording a solo album at Bias. (The relative geographic convienience of Bias' studio in Alexandria, VA to where David lived didn't hurt.)

Mr. Bill McElroy was David's chief audio engineer and associate producer. (Bill was one of the two partners who established Bias. For details on Bill McElroy, see Bill McElroy.) Bill was assisted from time to time by their then new employee he was mentoring, Ms. Heidi Gerber-Salins.

The first private album was released in the then still popular cassette format, although CDs were also doing quite well. The solo ballads were recorded dominantly with piano accompaniments, but also used a few Karaoke accompaniment tracks. The selections are dominantly from shortly before, during, and the decade or so after the World War II era. A limited number of cassettes were made and privately distributed to friends and family.

In addition to creating TortoiseClimbing™ as part of release of the 1st private recording, David also:

A significant upgrade in the goals/mission occurred in 1998 as part of making Hymns and Songs for Living. The goals/mission were upgraded to:

  1. Produce outstanding recordings;
  2. For public release.

The impact of having updgraded its mission/goals from the originals applied to creation of the 1st private album, is that TortoiseClimbing Audio™ plans to revisit and update the initial 1992 solo recording to become an outstanding recording, to be released publically later in 2024.

The first step toward accomplishing that was completed 5-18-2022. Namely, decoding the Dolby A encoding on the analogue master tapes and converting the analogue master tapes to digital. Following completion of Hymns and Songs for Living, the plan is to take the following steps to upgrade the original digital version of this album:

The final will be publicly released, targeted for late 2024.

During the time David recorded at Bias Recording Studio, TortoiseClimbing™ he had the privilege of working with 2 wonderful engineers and producers. See Colleagues.

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