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The Crucifixion - by John Stainer

(FYI, this album contains the first recordings of David as a high school soloist.)

TortoiseClimbing Audio™ is providing Free downloads of this recording from both this website and from its online store at Bandcamp. This allowed because the score for The Crucifixion became public domain the beginning of 2023.

(This is a digitally mastered and restored version from the unmixed and unmastered historic, amateur, monaural LP recording.)

The original vintage, historic, monaural LP record was made in 1959 by editing together the best of from the amateur raw tapes of two 1959 live spring performances by the 3 Annapolis High School choirs in the then AHS auditorium. For those performances, a unique arrangement was used, with womens choirs singing the recitatives and arias of John Stainer's The Crucifixion. (Hymns in the score are omitted. About 41 minutes in length.)


TortoiseClimbing Audio™ digitized, mastered and restored the monaural LP record of those live performances.

While the recording fidelity is subject to limitations of 1959 consumer quality audio equipment technology, this recording preserves a truly wonderful and uncommon arrangement created by the choral director. He used 2 women's choirs, in place of soloists, to perform most of the recitatives and arias, resulting in a truly unique, dramatically more choral version.

Available free from this website are both:

Note. The Online Audio Store includes a download copy of the lyrics, but it does Not include a copy of the score. The score is only available from this website.

For more details, click on The Crucifixion.


These are several early, previously unreleased songs with friends from before TortoiseClimbing™ was established in 1993. They are upgraded so their quality conforms with our revised mission. They were post production processed, remixed, and remastered. Initial versions of some are available on this website for streaming. They will be released for sale and download in late Spring 2024. They may become part of an EP later this summer.

"And So It Goes" - by Billy Joel

This song was recorded likely in 1991-1992, prior to beginning work in 1993 on the Solo Collection, or the subsequent unfinished recording Romantic Duets (which preceded recording the Hymns and Songs of My Mother album). "And So It Goes" includes a multi-part trio harmony version of this wonderful romantic song with friends Terry (see Duets with Terry) and the Phase I Producer of Hymns and Songs of My Mother, Ms. Heidi Gerber-Salins (see Heidi Gerber-Salins - Producer, Phase I). This song will be offered, both as:

This lovely, poignant, romantic song of love lost was initially published as a solo number by Billy Joel in ©1989 (about 3:40 in length). This trio version illustrates yet another dimension of TortoiseClimbing™'s repertoire.

"I Am the Starlight" - by Andrew Lloyd Weber

Like the poignant, romantic song "And So It Goes" above, this song was also likely recorded in 1990-1991 before beginning Solo Collection or the unfinished Romantic Duets. Similar to "And So It Goes", this song will be offered, both as:

This is a dramatic baritone and tenor duet, with synthesized orchestra, bass guitar and piano accompaniment. It is the strong motivational number from the 2nd act of the musical, Starlight Express. It is between the protagonist, Rusty, and the mythical Starlight Express, where Starlight gives Rusty the advice that the Starlight Express is within Rusty. Just believe in yourself and you can do anything!

This will be available for streaming this spring from Duets with Terry.

"The Rose" - by Amanda McBroom

This romantic song was also likely recorded in 1991-1992. It begins with with thoughts that some may say about the difficulties of love, but ends with a pronouncement that love is what brings meaning into life, and that the seed for love can always spring forth anew. This song was a major hit from end credits of the 1979 movie The Rose staring Bette Midler. Although the choral arrangement used for the recording included multiple parts throughout, this mix is modeled more after the the Bette Midler version, and begins and ends as a solo.

This will be available for streaming this spring from Duets with Terry.


Hymns and Songs of My Mother

The plan is to make 4 versions of this album available:

It is an extensive (almost 78 minutes in length), very high-quality collection of 27 classic, traditional, nostalgic, congregational hymns and other songs, jointly selected with his mother from David's parents' favorites. David is joined by a number of other outstanding trained singers in various combinations and accompaniments. He sings lead on all but one hymn, where he provides accented harmony to an original arrangement of "Were You There."

The collection is composed of 21 traditional, congregational hymns, and 6 religious songs. The hymns are from hymnals of his parents, with the songs drawn from a variety of sources, including: an art song from his voice studies; church service songs from back of the hymnals; a couple baroque settings used for weddings; and a folk-Contemporary Christian song.

Except for lyrics to 1 hymn, all hymns are now out-of-copyright (i.e., are public domain), and no longer included in many church hymnals. One wedding song's lyrics are similarly still under copyright, and we will be copyrighting the original folk-Contemporary Christian song for the author/composer. This album provides an opportunity to re-live your memory of these hymns and songs. The Congregational form of the hymns is honored by singing them as printed from the hymnals, in a variety of vocal combinations and different accompaniments:

-- Status --

Final of the standard vocal performance version master is complete..

For titles included and their order (see simple playlist).

-- Projected Schedule --

Additional companion products:

  1. Details will be provided here when the other versions of this album become available;
  2. Spring, a CD of the standard vocal performance version will become available for order thru the online store for delivery via mail;
  3. Later in 2024 the companion history eBook, Working title (History Through 27 Hymns and Songs), will be released and added as part of an optional downloadable bundle. For details see Companion History Book;
  4. Advanced podcasts of chapters from the companion history book will begin being made available shortly after the eBook becomes available; and
  5. A complete audiobook of the companion history will become available later in 2024.

Companion History Book

Working title - History Through 27 Hymns and Songs

Working draft of companion history book in editing.

When released, ebook will be offered as part of a discounted bundle. (Note. It appears that to sell eBook separately we will have to establish a separate Publications online store. When established that site will also be accessible from this Store's Access page.)

Other Insights

Album: Hymns and Songs of My Mother. Distribution plans - All versions of this album will become available for download via the online Audio store, hosted by Bandcamp. Initial standard vocal performance version available Spring 2024:

This website. Provides information about every artist involved in creation of both the Hymns and Songs of My Mother recording and the History Through 26 Hymns and Songs eBook.

(Note. There remain 3 vocalists who participated in recording Hymns and Songs of My Mother who have not provided bio materials. Additionally, the draft bio for the trumpeter is drawn from materials found on the internet, but are not yet commented on by the artist.)

Near-term Forthcoming Additional Products (2024)

Variations on the above are planned beginning in early 2024 as part of discounted bundles. Examples:

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Other Future Planned Products.

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