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Final mixing of Hymns and Songs for Living

Began 6-27-22, continued on 7-8&9-22, 7-14&15-22 and 7-27&28-22. Next session scheduled 8-10&11-22.

Free download of digitally mastered audio file from Annapolis High School 1959 choruses' recording of John Stainer's The Crucifixion

Beginning of 2023 TortoiseClimbingAudio will make a mastered version of that recording available when the score becomes Public Domain. Digital mastering will be performed later this year (2022). For more details, click on The Crucifixion.

See detailed status report below for updates on aspects of projects.


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Status Reports:

Hymns and Songs for Living recording;
• Companion History Through 26 Hymns and Songs book; and
• New Website.

Updated 8/02/2022


Detailed edits of content continuing to make updates/edits, revisions and expansions. There remain several incomplete credit pages for musicians who were part of creating the Hymns and Songs for Living album. Still hoping to receive feedback from them to finalize their credit pages. Outreach to obtain info to update their placeholder credit pages is continuing.

(6-19&20-22) Added Google Structured Data information about the existing Html breadcrumbs on every webpage to enable Google to incorporate the breadcrumb information into its index information.

(4-24-2022) Added new webpages describing the first ever mastering to be performed on the 1959 performances of the Annapolis High School choirs from the classes of 1959, 60 and 61 of John Stainer's, The Crucifixion.

(4-18-22) Completed sitewide upgrade as part of replacing web fonts. Various new capabilities added, including a new look-and-feel and mobile friendly.

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Added logo for TortoiseClimbing™ to all pages of website.

Updated and expanded most of the webpages by including a button at the bottom to enable users to easily initiate provision of comments about each webpage. That function passes the name of the webpage from which they initiated the comment, thus assisting in linking the comment to the webpage about which the user is commenting.

Prepared collaboration materials for online editing with Ms. Heidi Gerber-Salins (Phase I producer, et al) to gather her refinement inputs on webpages about her and her mom. Waiting on her to have time to work with me to review and comment.

(4-26-2022) Expanded capabilities of TortoiseClimbing™'s 404 Error message for Page Not Found. Added a link enabling users to go back to the previous page where they triggered that error message, and from that webpage initiate submission of a comment about the broken link.


(7-27 & 28-2022) Update - Held next studio sessions preparing final mixes. As of the end of these sessions, approximately 3/4 of hymns and songs are mixed.

(7-14 & 15-2022) Update - Held next studio sessions preparing final mixes. As of the end of these sessions, approximately 2/3 of hymns and songs are mixed.

(7-8 & 9-2022) Update - Continued studio sessions preparing final mixes.

(6-27 & 28-2022) Update - First studio sessions held that began preparing final mixes. Working from extensive notes for desired audio edits, the Producer and Audio Engineer began final process of refining working draft mixes into draft final mixes. Completed final editing of 3 additional hymns and 1 of the songs. That is in addition to having previously finished final draft mix of "Amazing Grace." (Mixes will be reviewed again to determine if we missed anything that might need further tweeking before being declared final. Schedule it to complete before end of this year - 2022.)

Advance Notice (5-27-2022). Creating first ever mastered version of the 1959 performace of The Crucifixion by the Annapolis High School (AHS) combined choirs from classes of 1959, 1960 and 1961. The plan is to:

(See The Crucifixion.) Additional details will follow.

Previouly finished:

  1. (6-16-22) Great draft final mix of "Amazing Grace" (It employes a mix of instruments and vocalists throughout, including: Cello, String Bass, Pipe Organ, Shuttle Pipe, Handbells and vocalists.)
  2. Working sessions scheduled in late-June for detailed final mixing of other hymns and songs.
  3. Found a mistake on one phrase in the previously recorded lead vocal on "The Lord Bless You and Keep You." Will re-sing that phrase during late-June working session.
  4. (6-5-2022) It became an immediate goal to quickly complete draft final mix of "Amazing Grace" to provide to relative whose husband died suddenly.
  5. Completed initial post production of "Welcome Home" in mid February 2022 and provided electronically to recording engineer. Because of a volume issue that caused clipping with that version, in mid-April prepared a follow up version and sent electronically.
  6. (Mid-April) Notified replacement equipment obtained and installed, but there are still a few missing software "plug-ins" to be located and obtained. Will schedule mixing session ASAP after all software is received and operational.
  7. (March 2022) Final mixing and mastering sessions delayed by computer problems with vintage computer system used for this project. Replacement ordered.
  8. (2-8-2022) Recorded vocal for verses of "Welcome Home." That is the final song of the 26 hymns and songs on the playlist.
  9. Prepared detailed notes to use in working sessions as guide for further refinements in mixes to be made during working sessions with recording engineer to produce final mixes of hymns and songs.
  10. Changed order within hymn "Amazing Grace" by moving cello parts from the interlude to become the opening intro.
  11. Provided detailed notes of suggestions for revisions in draft mixes to recording engineer who has incorporated.
  12. Reviewing options for distribution of recording, as CD, Streaming, etc.


  1. (April) Solicited comments/edits on history writeup from author and composer for "Welcome Home". Received feedback, finalized history and updated editors copy with revisions to that history.
  2. As noted below, editor for final version identified.
  3. Draft of book sent for planning purposes in early 2022.
  4. Revised book incorporating expansion of story about "Welcome Home" sent to editor April 2022.
  5. Hopefully work with editor will rapidly produce a final version of history book.

Older Historical Information

Accompaniment Materials on Recording

Welcome Home:

  1. First Draft of lead recorded (2-8-2022);
  2. On 10-13 and 10-21-2020, recorded vocal choral arrangement to refrains for "Welcome Home";
  3. Practice tracks were sent to David to practice for recording lead.

Handbells and Shuttle Pipe (Baby Bagpipe):

On 9-11 & 12, 2020 worked with Wayne Morrison, and Westminster Ringers offsite in Westminster to record:

  1. Baby bagpipe (Shuttle Pipe) as part of interlude for "Amazing Grace";
  2. HandBell/HandChimes as part of interlude for "Amazing Grace";
  3. HandBell/HandChimes for accompaniment on last verse of "Amazing Grace".
  4. HandBell/HandChimes for accompaniment to augment last verse/refrain of othewise A Capella "Just A Closer Walk with Thee".

On 10-8-2020, recorded:

Cello parts now used as introduction to "Amazing Grace" (both melody and harmony lines);

On 11-12-2020:

Used newly acquired audio editing software and successfully transposed key of shuttle pipe to key of "Amazing Grace" recording for use with the handbells in the interlude.


The focus of earlier work was on recording the augmenting vocal harmony parts and completing mixes of the most complicated hymns with many parts. Those recordings are completed and pending detailed final mixing.

Book - History Through 26 Hymns and Songs

During September 2020 - January 2022:

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