Initil test value for variable of submitted_from = misc test value TBD   Logic below should change this origination page value.

Value of submitted_from when If test for submission from_other_page is false, i.e., the comment was not initiated from another page. There should be a test value echoed for submitted_from = Originated from Contact Form

   Echo 2 - Immediately before logic as to whether form has been POSTed

Echo 2+ Value of _SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD'] = GET

Example is David Powers Contact Form with PHP -- EXAMPLE Contact Backup

Tortoise Climbing

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Under Construction - NOT YET OPERATIONAL!

This is immediately before the test in the Contact Form HTML section whether there were issues on the submitted form. _POST = Array ( )
suspect =
errors = Array ( )
/!-- DEBUG print_r() --> \r This is immediately after the IF test at the beginning of the Contact Form HTML form section for the values in the elseif. \r $POST = Array ( )
missing = Array ( )
$errors = Array ( )
$validemail =

Form Input Fields

In addition to your comments, which should be provided in the "Comments" field below, some additional contact information items are required for the form to submit. These are both to reduce the amount of "junk" submissions from "bad actors," and to enable Tortoise Climbing to contact you if any additional clarifying information is needed to fully understand or address your comment.

Thank you for your interest in providing comment(s), and your patience with providing the additional required contact items!  None of your contact information will be shared with any other source!

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