Nostalgic Solos

Planned Approach

The original of this recording was reproduced as a very limited number of Cassettes for private distribution to friends and family. Songs on this album are from shortly before, during the WWII era and shortly thereafter, several ballads from the 1970's, and two spanish influenced songs. It is entirely solo vocal, and dominantly piano accompaniment. There are three exceptions where Karaoke tape accompaniments were used on the songs.

TortoiseClimbing's plan is to revist this recording following the processes used for completing the Hymns and Songs for Living project. Phase II of that project converted the previously recorded materials from the analogue master tapes used for Phase I, to digital files, which were then used for the work completed under Phase II. So the plan for the Nostalgic Solos project is to similarly:

Historical Technical Note

In the early 1990's when the Nostalgic Solos project was recorded at Bias Recording Studio in Studio B, that was before the digital revolution in recording became widely commerically available. Thus, the same technical recording medium used for Phase I of Hymns and Songs for Living was used for Nostalgic Solos, namely:

Bias later upgraded Studio B to use Dolby SR as the noise reduction technology on the analogue master tapes, which they had previously done for Studio A. (That is why Hymns and Songs for Living, which was recorded years later, was recorded using Dolby SR.)

In October 2019 the current owner of Bias, Bob Dawson, advised Mr. Goettee there is an "app" that allows correctly converting analogue master tapes that historically used the older Dolby A noise reduction technology to digital files.

Subsequent steps include remixing, re-mastering and writing the companion set of stories to accompany each of the songs.

For your background, the playlist of songs included on the cassette recording can be accessed from the above dropdown local menu as an indication of what is expected to be what will become the available materials.