Kathy's Songs


Kathy wrote a small number of songs between the time she was in high school and some years later when she worked in Annapolis as youth minister at David's parent's church. Of her songs, Welcome Home is the most recent. It was written as a memorial for her grandmother when she died while Kathy was working in Annapolis, Maryland. The next year Kathy returned to South Carolina and to:

Kathy refers to her early songs as "... the rantings of a Jesus-loving crazy teen!"

None of Kathy's music was originally written down. It all existed in her head. One year a cousin of hers, Donna, had Kathy play all her songs and record them on a cassette. Donna had those recordings transcribed as written music. Those hand transcribed sheets of music were the starting points for making the arrangement of those songs on the recording, Kathy's Songs.


David initiated outreach conversations with Kathy exploring possibilities of creating a small recording containing arrangements of all her songs.

During David’s prior involvement recording Hymns and Songs for Living, he made contacts with a variety of persons that work in various phases of music. It therefore is hoped making the little album of Kathy’s Songs will be considerably more straightforward than was creation of the album Hymns and Songs for Living.