Hymns and Songs for Living

Why This Album Was Created

A bit over a year after Mr. Goettee's father died, in early 1998 his mother asked him to record their favorite hymns, including a few religious songs.  Thus, the then ongoing efforts on the Romantic Duets album was put on hold and all work was focused on the Hymns and Songs for Living album.

Overview of Mechanics

For this album, Mr. Goettee and Ms. Gerber-Salins were working with the traditional congregational hymns and songs they grew up with.  The hymns were selected from the hymnals his parents had collected over their lives as their churches replaced them. Several additional favorite religious songs are also included.  All of these are largely in the style of ballad music. 

For this album Ms. Gerber-Salins was producer, vocal arranger on several hymns, audio engineer, and a significant vocal partner on many numbers in a mix of solo, duet, and multi-part harmony singing.  Ms. Gerber-Salin's voice is part of most numbers, and she sings the lead on her arrangement of Were You There. Many numbers on this album are duets with Ms. Gerber-Salins, and a number of others include her on multipart harmonies.

This project began in 1998, had a major hiatus because of various preemptions of life. But, David was able to return and complete this project, mostly in 2019.

All hymns and songs are public domain, except:

The author and composer of Welcome Home gave permission for her song to be arranged and used on this recording.

Many Are Due Credits

A number of other musicians collaborated, both instrumental and vocal, by bringing their wealth of training, experience and skills to this project to create this album.  Each is addressed on a credit page on this site. The artists are grouped according to the two major phases of this project where they participated.

Companion Book of History Stories

Details about each of the hymns and songs included on this recording, and their places in history, are included in the separate publication titled Hymns and Songs for Living: History Stories as an accompaniment companion to this recording.  Information about that book is available on this Tortoiseclimbing.com website under Publications.