Hymns and Songs History Stories Book

Companion Publication to Recording

This book is the accompanying companion to the recording of Hymns and Songs for Living. It is deliberately a history oriented book that explicitly includes considerable information about historical events that occurred around the time the hymn or song was written to place the hymn in context with the times. It includes history stories for each hymn and song included on the Hymns and Songs for Living recording, plus an overview of history that impacted Christianity and its hymns from the 1st to 20th century.

The initial editorial commenter was Dr. Nancy Graham, who recommended using an established style manul. The Chicago Style Manual was selected as the systematic structure. A short credit page for her is included on the dropdown local menu above.

Subsequently, Mr. Dave Mather became copy or manuscript editor. He has a wide variety of experiences dealing with various different types of publications. He contributed numerous editorial comments throughout the text to improve readability. A bio for him is included on the dropdown local menu above.

Mr. Terry Hamilton, the freind who initially asked me to do duets at Bias recording studio with him, agreed to review the book and provide comments on content. He is a bit of an Anglophile that seems fitting since a portion of the history involved England over the centuries.

Structure of Book

Since opinions can be quite strong about religious subject matter, this book addresses possible reservations regarding throughness and/or reliability of information by providing considerable cross-references for source materials.

The opening disclaimer to the book points out most reference materials are deliberately internet accessible. The goal is to facilitate readers ability to easily follow up on topics of interest to them. That is because many scholarly reference books are only accessible via libraries.

In addition to expansive history information for each of the individual hymn and song stories, an expansive summary overview appendix is included of christian religious histories since Christ's death, and throughout the centuries that relate to Christianity and its hymns. That history overview appendix provides insights into historical motivating contexts within which differnet hymns were written. While popular internet sources are invaluable as easily accessed resources, they can have scholarly limitations.

Future Book availability. It is planned to provide details on these webpages about how to access the book when it becomes available. The intention is to at minimum make information available on TortoiseClimbing.com about how to obtain this book.

NOTE. This TortoiseClimbing.net website will be migrated to the .com website in the future, with automatic referal.

Higlight Materials from Book

Draft finals of two selections from the book are accessible via the dropdown local menu above for:

As technical options are explored for how this book will be made electronically available, additional of the materials from the book may be made available via this website in pdf format.

Improving Accuracy of Stories

Comments from readers on how to improve accuracy of topics in this book's stories are welcome. Like any other comments, they can be submitted to the editor via the comment page on this website found at: Contact/Comment, or clicking the option in the top menu for Contact/Comment.

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