Hymn History Book

This book is the accompanying partner to the recording for Hymns and Songs for Living. This publication is being edited for finalization. It is the book length History Stories companion to the recording of Hymns and Songs for Living.

Because of possible sensitivities that might be held regarding throughness and/or reliability of information presented in this publication's stories, the presentation structure used is modeled after academic publications. Namely, the decision was made to include considerable supporting cross-references for the sources of research materials used for the stories. Those cross-references are presented via extensive footnotes and bibliography. The goal is to enable readers to easily follow up on topics if desired.

In addition to history information contained for the individual hymns and songs stories, an extensive summary overview appendix is included of religious histories throughout the centuries since Christ's death. The goal of that history overview appendix is to provide the context of the times within which the hymns were motivated.