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See status report below for updates about Recording and Book activities for Hymns and Songs for Living.



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Status Report:  Activities being completed on Hymns and Songs for Living

Updated 5/10/2021

Accompaniment Materials on Recording

Welcome Home:

  1. On 10-13 and 10-21-2020, recorded choral vocal arrangements to refrains for Welcome Home;
  2. First Draft of lead recorded;
  3. Practice tracks sent to David for lead.

Handbells and Baby Bagpipe:

On 9-11 & 12, 2020 worked with Wayne Morrison, and Westminster Ringers for an offsite recording of:

  1. Interlude for Amazing Grace with baby bagpipe (Shuttle Pipe);
  2. HandBell/HandChime for interlude for Amazing Grace;
  3. HandBell/HandChime additional accompaniment on last verse of Amazing Grace.
  4. HandBell/HandChime accompaniment on last verse of Just A Closer Walk with Thee.

On 10-8-2020, recorded:

  1. Melody line and harmony lines with cello for interlude verse of Amazing Grace.

On 11-12-2020:

Used new software to transpose key of shuttle pipe to key of Amazing Grace recording.

Website 5/10/2021

Work on the website is wrapping up. Still need editorial comments for a few credit pages to finalize their pages. Outreach to those with placeholder descriptive pages continuing.

Preparing collaboration materials for online editing with Ms. Heidi Gerber-Salins to incorporate her inputs on pages including her and her mom.

Hymn History Stories Book

During September 2020 - May 2021:

  1. Copy Editor completed first draft edit of book and sent back for review;
  2. Reviewed suggested revisions and made appropriate edits;
  3. Copy editor went to hospital for heart pacemaker last week of October;
  4. Therefore, undertook detailed reread and further editing of entire book;
  5. Sent revised version to copy editor in February;
  6. Sent revised version to friend for broad overview review and comment, in February 2021;
  7. Continuing detailed rereading and edits.

Status of Activities


  1. Virtually all recording completed on 25 of the 26 hymns and songs on the playlist.
  2. Post production on vocals completed and provided to recording engineer.
  3. Additional string bass harmonies added to handbell/handchime accompaniments.
  4. Practice ongoing in preparation for recording lead solo verses for Welcome Home.
  5. Working with recording engineer providing comments for editing of final mixes of hymns.
  6. Reviewing options for distribution of recording, as CD, Streaming, etc.


  1. Sent revised version to copy editor;
  2. More recently sent revised version to friend;
  3. Personally reviewing and editing;
  4. Reviewing options for publication of book both online and in print;
  5. Seleted Adobe Indesign as software to use for preparing final print copy;
  6. Studying details of how to use software.