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See status report below for updates about Recording and Book activities for Hymns and Songs for Living.



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Status Report:  Activities being completed on Hymns and Songs for Living

Updated 10/11/2020

Accompaniment Materials on Recording

On 8-27-2020 received chorus vocal arrangements for 1st and 2nd refrains of Welcome Home;

Scheduling being set for recording choral vocal arrangements to refrains for Welcome Home.

On 9-11 & 12-2020 with Wayne Morrison, and Westminster Ringers, recorded:

  1. New introductory lead in to Amazing Grace with baby bagpipe (Shuttle Pipe);
  2. HandBell/HandChime accompaniment to last verse of Just A Closer Walk with Thee;
  3. Interlude verse to Amazing Grace with HandBell/HandChimes;
  4. HandBell/HandChime accompaniment to last verse of Amazing Grace.

On 10-8-2020, recorded:

  1. Melody line and harmony lines with cello for interlude verse of Amazing Grace.
  2. Draft solo vocal for Welcome Home verses completed.

Hymn History Stories Book

During September 2020:

  1. Copy Editor completed a first draft edit of the book and sent to David for review;
  2. David reviewed the suggested edits;
  3. David made suggested revisions to the edits;
  4. Returned book to copy editor for final review;
  5. In future David finalize text.

Status of Activities


Virtually all recording complete on 25 of the 26 hymns and songs on the playlist.

Schedule to add string bass harmonies to handbell/handchime accompaniments.

Schedule to finalize recorded materials for both solo verses and choral refrains for Welcome Home ASAP.

Next major step is for the audio engineer to start going through the recording to review what additional "soundsmith" edits may be needed to acheive final edited recording.


  1. Completed revisions to conform to Chicago style manual;
  2. Identified Copy/manuscript editor;
  3. Provided draft of book to copy editor;
  4. Editor working on updates and providing progress reports from time to time.

Reviewing options for publication of book both online and in print.