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See status report below for update about Recording and Book activities for Hymns and Songs for Living.



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Status Report:  Activities to be completed on Hymns and Songs for Living

Accompaniment Materials on Recording

  1. Add Hand Chime accompaniment to last verse of Just A Closer Walk with Thee;
  2. Add interlude verse to Amazing Grace with baby bagpipe (Shuttle Pipe) and Hand Chimes;
  3. Add Hand Bell accompaniment to last verse of Amazing Grace;
  4. Get vocal arrangements written for 1st and 2nd refrains of Welcome Home;
  5. Record vocal arrangements to refrains for Welcome Home; and
  6. Final mixing of all hymns and songs.

Hymn History Stories Book

  1. Editor complete working through the draft text;
  2. David review suggested edits;
  3. David make final revisions;
  4. Return to editor for final review;
  5. David finalize text.

Status of Activities


  1. Westminster Ringers agreed to record additional hand chime and hand bell accompaniments on the two hymns;
  2. Arrangements for accompaniments in the key of the hymns obtained from Mr. Larry Sue;
  3. Copies of accompaniments sent to Westminster Ringers for ringers to practice;
  4. Scheduling discussions underway for setting time and place to record accompaniments in Westminster, MD area;
  5. Sound engineer arranged for on-location recording session;


  1. Detailed editor identified;
  2. Editor providing updates from time to time on progress.